Tips To Keep Flies Away From Your Home

Flies are probably the most annoying bugs of all insects. Not only are they a nuisance with the buzzing, but they also create an impression of an unclean home. Therefore, taking steps to get rid of them is as essential as it could be. So here are some tips you could use to do so.

Fly zappers

The advanced technology has now found the perfect tool you could use to effectively get rid of flies rather than having to chase them around the house for hours or find fly control haccp! Using a fly zapper that is electrically charged, now you can easily get rid of flies without much effort at all. So for best use keep the zapper 4 to 6 feet high and use it to get rid of them once and for all.

Use fans

Another great way of preventing flies from infecting your house is by using fans to drive them away just like you would by using an automatic fly spray. However, one negative aspect about it though is that while it might keep these bugs away from one area, they are sure to take up a spot in another part of your house. So do be smart and find alternatives for such situations as well beforehand.

Use essential oils like citronella

Citronella is an oil that keeps flies far away from any place. These insects do not like this oil, thus making it the perfect solution to keep them off from the beginning. So you can either light a citronella scented candle or camphor and place them in the perfect places to avoid attracting these insects in to your home!

Make DIY traps

If you aren’t the biggest fans of the zaps do consider designing your own DIY trap that would work perfectly in luring the creatures and getting rid of them as well at the same time. To create such concoctions, you could either use fermentation products or fruit products like vinegar and wine. So you could either pour in some apple cider vinegar in a bowl and cover it plastic wrap and create a few holes in it. And so, for the smell the flies would be attracted and try crawl in it but would be unable to get out and voila a fly free home!

Fly vacuum

If all of the above don’t seem like they are giving you any results, then you can try using a fly vacuum to get rid of these buzzing little nuisances once and for all. You don’t really need any special vacuum though, using the regular vacuum you could sweep these away without much hassle!